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2019 Trumansburg

Golf Course Adopt a Hole Program

For the first time in 2019, although suggested by members in the past the Trumansburg Golf Course will be starting an “Adopt a Hole” program. The “Adopt a Hole Program” is best described as an opportunity for members/TGC golfers to “Adopt” a hole on the golf course. The maintenance of this hole would then become their responsibility for the 2019 golf season. The maintenance of the hole would be limited to sand trap care, removal of sticks and other reasonably movable material, and weeding and planting flowers/mulching around the hole sign. This maintenance would be under the guidance and direction of or course Superintendent Damon Reed, who we can all agree has done and continues to do an exceptional job. So why initiate the “Adopt a Hole” program? As stated previously, Damon works very diligently in his role and this service creates an opportunity for members/TGC golfers to support Damon’s efforts which permits him to focus on those projects that are not appropriate for volunteers. Additionally, this allows members to contribute in a nontraditional way yet supports the growth and beautification of our outstanding golf course while reducing labor costs, allowing capital to be reallocated. Lastly, a program of this type truly allows members and shareholders to take ownership and support the efforts of our course to continue to be the pride of Finger Lakes.

The “Adopt a Hole” program is a volunteer program and given the responsibilities and the obligation of the 2019 golf season each “Adopted Hole” team should have at least 4 (but not mandatory) individuals committed. Perhaps your league team, morning foursome, or four friends are ideal for this commitment.

Should you be interested in volunteering for the “Adopt a Hole” program please contact Kevin Manheim at
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